About AIA:

Australian International Aid (AIA) incorporated is a Non-for-Profit Organisation that is registered with the Australian Non-for-profit Charity and Consumer affairs (No. A0059466H). Our purpose is to provide aid and relief nationally and internationally to disadvantaged people by providing food, clean water, tents/shelter, clothing and basic medication. Established since 2013, AIA has been providing immediate emergency relief by alleviating hunger, providing potable water, food and medication as well as setting up tents, improving communities sanitation by building toilet areas and protecting from exploitation by preventing human trafficking amongst the poverty and hunger stricken communities. In addition to war torn countries, AIA aims at providing aid to other countries that often get neglected by other relief organisations.

The aid and relief programs are all made possible through your generous and well appreciated financial contributions. AIA will try to have an ongoing long term venture and as a blessed community, we hope to leave a good impact on people’s lives by making a small difference.

Why Us?

Immediate access to beneficiaries: 

We have immediate access to small and local organisations that have a larger impact on their respective communities through closer contact, better understanding of local problems and lower administration expenditure.

Ensuring due diligence: 

We go through a thorough diligence process before committing ourselves to any project. On average, we accept 1 out of 10 proposals we receive.

Low administration expenditure: 

You want to get the highest positive social impact for your donation. Often aid organisations maintain big overheads, which leaves less money for direct help. Our members are volunteers who travel on their own cost whilst taking time off from their jobs some times on loss of income, from their jobs. All advertisement expenses are met from the weekly food sales. This would allow us to keep our administration expenditure exceptionally low.

We understand the communities: 

The AIA Team come from different countries and are conversant in multiple languages such as English, French, Albanian, Arabic, Bangla, Malay etc. This allows us to connect easily to the targeted communities and allow us to better understand their ordeals. Our extensive network, expertise and successful track record in accessing small local organisations in those countries enabling us to build a bridge between beneficiaries and valued donors.

We are Neutral:

We do not associate with any political group and our sole aim is to ease the living condition of the needy people across the globe.

Our Target:

Our target is to work first hand (face-to-face) with the people in need by travelling in countries where help is most needed. The people who will benefit from our programs will be children, widows, old people etc. and are now reliant on humanitarian aid.

Meet Our Team

AIA members consist of IT professionals, Clerics, Accountants, Managers, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and Businessmen. We are all volunteers and the crew that flies out to reach out to the needy pay their own expenses. The organisation is not-for-profit and the fact that the team members pay for their overseas travel allows us to keep the costs down and spend the money where it is most needed.

Ahmad HawaliPresident
Mohammed YousuffVice President
Abdullah AminSecretary