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Australian International Aid (AIA)

Australian International Aid (AIA) is a Non-for-Profit Organisation that is registered with the Australian Non-for-profit Charity and Consumer affairs (No. A0059466H). Established since 2013, AIA has been providing immediate emergency relief to war torn countries, alleviating hunger, providing potable water, food and medication as well as setting up tents, toilet areas and stopping human trafficking (due to hunger) amongst  a multitude of other projects.

We hope to leave a good impact on people’s lives by making a small difference. Through your generous and well appreciated contributions, we will try to have an ongoing long term venture.

Australian International Aid Members

AIA members consist of IT professionals, Clerics, Accountants, Managers, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and Businessmen. We are all volunteers and the crew that flies out to reach out to the needy pay their own expenses. The organisation is not for profit and the fact that the team members pay for their overseas travel allows us to keep the costs down and spend the money here it is most needed.

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 Australian International Aid (AIA)