In January 2016, AIA crew travelled to Togo and Burkina Faso in Africa.

  • Four Community centres have been built
  • One big school built – accommodates 400 students with four teachers in place.
  • 20 water wells built with thousands of people benefitting from them.
  • Cost of project: $130,000.


The AIA Volunteers travelled to Burma in December 2013:

  • Activities carried out were providing basic needs & facilities, hiring three builders to build basic shelter, providing all materials, needed to carry out building.
  • Built school for the kids along with educational books, stationary and school needs.
  • We also provide an ongoing support ($60) to the families.
  • 25000 kg of rice distributed.
  • Toilets and showers built.
  • School built/extended.
  • New roof built for an orphanage.
  • Power connection to provide electricity for orphanage and medical support.

In June 2016, AIA Crew attended areas of conflict and restricted areas in Myanmar.

  • $180,000 worth of aid was distributed in Arkan state targeted camps and isolated villages.
  • 2700 families received immediate benefits including food packs, cash handouts, rebuilding of houses and other medical assistance to people with disabilities.


The AIA Volunteers travelled to Palestine in May 2015:

  • Family food relief boxes bought and distributed at a cost of $50,250.
  • Reached out to 4,300 individuals. Covered most need areas where people were living in schools, tents, and villages.
  • Sponsored eight orphans for a full year. Cost $6,000.
  • Sponsored a school for all books required for the year. Cost $5,000.
  • 30 x 5000 Litres Steel water tanks on major roads. Cost $40,000.
  • Sponsored 50 young newly married couples. Cost $6,000.


AIA is committed to sending $2,000 per week to Syria to help alleviate hunger, poverty and dire needs.

A crew of three AIA volunteers travelled to Syria in April 2014:

  • 3250 family food relief boxes bought and distributed in Aleppo, Idleb and Damascus at a cost of $120,000. Reached out to 15,000 individuals.
  • Covered most needed areas such as people living in schools, tents and villages.
  • Special project for orphans and widows.
  • 700kg of meat distributed to orphans and widows (10 large lambs purchased for $3,300 and slaughtered).
  • $2,000 cash handled out to families with special circumstances.
  • A factory leased for a year to commence studies in Reyhanli at a cost of $3,000.
  • Committed and working on expanding a school on the border of Turkey and Syria.

In February 2015, AIA organised “Syria Winter Appeal”:

  • Distribution took place in Idleb, Aleppo and Damascus.
  • Distributed 230 good quality blankets, 120 mattresses, 65 heaters including gas bottles, 500 litres of diesel fuel for heaters, 170 kids’ winter clothes.
  • A total of 40,000 was donated for the Winter Appeal.


AIA Volunteers responded to the tragic accident in Malta in October 2013 after a boat carrying over 600 Syrian refugees drowned in the sea after their boat capsized. With over 450 lives lost, AIA crew were on ground providing assistance to survivors, identifying & linking families as well as distributing blankets at the camps in Malta.


Since October 2014, Qurban donations (over $30,000) have been distributed to the needy people in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia and Albania. Some of the poverty pockets of these countries only get to eat meat once a year and that is due to your kind Qurban donation. Please view our Gallery to see the impact of your donation on the lives of thousands others.