Emergency Relief: 

The Team at AIA try their utmost to get involved in emergency situations and disaster aftermaths by collecting funds or conducting Fundraising diners so that the money raised can be utilised promptly to ease the dire situation of the people affected. Civilians, women, children and the elderly are deeply affected by the advent of natural or man-made disasters. AIA liaises with local organisations in order to reach out to these people. Your donations are greatly appreciated. 


Wash ‘n’ Dry Facility: 

This soon-to-be-released project involves a van equipped with a washing machine and dryer that will allow Homeless people in Melbourne to wash and dry their clothes. At the same time they will be offered a free haircut by a qualified and experienced hairdresser. It is hoped that this project will soon see the light whereby the people can have a feel good factor in fresh clothes with a fresh look. Please donate for this noble cause for a better tomorrow. 


Department of Justice - Victoria 

AIA has had the privilege to work first hand with the Department of Justice in Victoria in providing ‘Emergency Lunch Packs’ to those doing community service as these people do not have any financial means to afford a meal. The DOJ has been much appreciative of this kind gesture from AIA and intends to work on similar projects in the future. Basic Amenities: The aftermath of war, riots, ethnic cleansing or natural disaster have a tremendous impact on the basic needs of the affected people. AIA volunteers reach out to the Australian community to gather funds so that the basic needs of the affected people can be fulfilled. This includes food relief boxes, rice, heaters & blankets for winter, clothes, shelter, tents, toilets & showers, rebuilding of houses amongst many others. 


Medical Assistance: 

In the areas where AIA has been operating, the risk and spread of diseases such as malaria is 4 times higher than world standard. Hospitals are being destroyed and Doctors who are brave enough to stay back to serve the community usually do not have the necessary equipment to do surgeries. Consequently, many lives are lost due to lack of medical resources. In this regards, AIA is committed to re-instating hospitals and providing medical assistance to affected people, specially to children and the disabled. 


Orphanage & Orphans: 

As civilians are massacred during riots, wars or natural disasters, there is an unprecedented number of orphans left to fend for themselves. While we are relishing a good standard of living, it is imperative that we assist the less fortunate ones by alleviating their hunger, providing basic needs and catering for their safety and well-being. AIA has been sponsoring orphans, and help with orphanages in a quest to giving a better tomorrow for the less fortunate. Donate today to help sponsor an orphan and secure yourself a good place for the hereafter. 


Education & Schools: 

The building/re-building of schools and providing educational books as well as stationary items is amongst the key priorities for AIA. We believe that through education, many barriers can be overcome and it helps people to succeed so they can in return they can be an asset to their own communities. Donate today to help shape the future of those kids. 


Water Wells: 

AIA has been very active in establishing water wells for underprivileged communities. By providing potable water, we are at the same time reducing the risks of malaria and other diseases as well as quenching the thirst of people who live in the hot desert of Africa. The pictures in our Gallery section and videos on our Social Media section depict the contentment and gratefulness of the beneficiaries. AIA would like to extend its gratitude to the contributors and hope that future donations will help in providing more water facilities. 


Community Centres/Masjids: 

By building/re-building community centres or Masjids, AIA facilitates the local people to get together for education purposes or prayers where the people’s faith and hope are restored and where cultural events can take place. 



AIA kindly accepts Qurban every year and is glad to inform that your Qurban is distributed amongst the most needy around the globe. We cover countries such as Afghanistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Syria, Palestine, Burkina Faso, Albania, Togo etc. Visit our Gallery and Social Media sections to experience how needy people have been benefitting from your generous Qurban donations. As part of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), Aqeeqa should be performed for a new born by slaughtering two goats or sheep for a boy and one sheep or goat for a girl. AIA facilitates your accomplishment of this Sunnah by conducting your Aqeeqa for you in countries/areas most needed. Please feel free to contact us for more info or simply go to our Donate section and select as appropriate. 



Being a pillar of Islam, zakaat is incumbent on any Muslim who possesses the required nisaab (the minimum amount of wealth that one must have before zakat is payable). Purify your wealth by giving away 2.5% of one year’s total cumulative wealth. At AIA, we collect your zakaat-al-maal as well as zakaat al-fitr and distribute amongst the rightful beneficiaries as per the Sunnah. While donating, please indicate the amount for zakaat-al-maal and the amount for zakaat-al-fitr. 


Interest Cleansing: 

Living in a Western society, our Banking System revolves around Riba (interest) which is Haraam. This is quite often overlooked by the community and hence their lives dwell in Riba which has numerous side effects. AIA gives you the opportunity of cleansing your wealth by getting rid of your accumulated interest. Indeed, there will be heaps more blessings in your wealth once interest is removed from it. AIA will use this money to building toilets, for transport, printing etc. Please indicate “Interest Cleansing” while donating. 


Domestic Violence: 

AIA strictly condemns domestic violence in its entity and we promote healthy relationships. In this aspect, AIA is working with local communities to take a stand against domestic violence by providing educational awareness and support to communities. Some of the AIA Volunteers have had first-hand experience on the side effects that domestic violence can have on families, specially children. Initially, AIA proposes to conduct seminars and talks in regards to the issue and as a longer term project, we intend to establish a safe house for those affected and are in urgent need of a shelter and food.