Thousands of people need your help every day.

Why us

Immediate access to beneficiaries:
We have immediate access to small and local organisations that have a larger impact on their respective communities through closer contact, better understanding of local problems and lower administration expenditure.

Ensuring due diligence:
We go through a thorough diligence process before committing ourselves to any project. On average, we accept 1 out of 10 proposals we receive.

Low administration expenditure:
You want to get the highest positive social impact for your donation. Often aid organisations maintain big overheads, which leaves less money for direct help. Our members are volunteers who travel on their own cost whilst taking time off from their jobs. We aim to keep our administration expenditure below 5%.

We understand the communities:
Speaking the local language, understanding the cultures as well as our proximity to communities are key factors in dealing effectively with beneficiaries. Our extensive network, expertise and successful track record in accessing small local organisations enables us to build a bridge between beneficiaries and donors.

We are Neutral:
We do not associate with any political group and our only aim is to ease the condition of the needy people across the globe.

Are you ready to become a volunteer?

 Australian International Aid (AIA)